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When you treat your mom to dinner this weekend, think about buying an extra meal for a senior mom who may not have the family support she needs.

Meals on Wheels Association of America has started a new campaign called “Meals for Moms” that promotes awareness for elderly women who miss meals because they live alone and don’t have spouses or family, enough money, the health support, or the transportation to get food on their own.

According to Enid Borden, the president and CEO of Meals on Wheels, “1 in 9 seniors in our very own country face the real threat of hunger. These seniors are our mothers and grandmothers and aunts.”  In total, six million seniors in America are in jeopardy of going hungry.

To support a senior mom who is living alone, you can visit and donate $7 to provide a good, hot meal. You can also create a virtual flower bouquet that can be printed out as a personalized Mother’s Day card to accompany the meal.


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