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“Cancer Sucks…Life Is Good…Choose Joy” is the motto of a man from Springfield, Oregon.  Aaron Jamison, a comedian and musician, has terminal cancer and is expected to have 3-9 months to live.  Jamison hands out purple bracelets printed with the above words to encourage others to smile and look on the brighter side of what life hands you.  He wants to “spread a message of hope” to those he meets (

In addition to the bracelets, Jamison also wants to support his wife financially so she won’t have to struggle with paying his burial costs.  To do so, Jamison is doing something unorthodox: Selling ad space for two urns he plans to get for his cremation.  By placing ad on his urns, Jamison hopes to cover both the urn and cremation costs, which would be a total of $800, an amount his disability checks and small life insurance policy won’t be able to cover because of his medical bills.

So far, two businesses have chipped in for ad space to help Jamison support his wife.

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