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Perhaps no one was shocked to know that Sandra Bullock filed for divorce. But the world was stunned today to discover she is a new mommy!

sandra-cover-200bt0428.jpgThe Oscar winning actress adopted a baby boy from New Orleans and she is seen affectionately holding him up in the air for all the world to see on the cover People Magazine.

The baby’s name is Louis Bardo Bullock.

As the story goes, she and cheating spouse, biker Jesse James, had been in the process of this adoption for a few years. She’d already scooped the baby up and taken him home when she scooped the Oscar but she did not want to yet tell the world.

Now that she it formally calling it splitsville with James she will raise the baby as a single mom.

Perhaps life is imitating art and she was inspired by character in The Blind Side, who opened her heart to a child who was not born of her body but became part of the soul of her family.

We wish Sandy all the best and let’s hope when the time is right she finds the best baby daddy for young Louis.

Fans have been on Facebook and Twitter all day to congratulate Bullock and comment on the news. Reactions have been supportive and many fans have declared her an “inspiration.”

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