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Last month we wrote about Carlos, a brave 7-year-old boy who saved his mom and sister from robbers with guns.

This month, another brave young boy in Chicago named Luis Reteguin saved his mom from a dangerous attacker and intruder.

At 1 a.m., a man armed with a knife entered Luis’s home.  Both Luis and his mother were not asleep yet, but his younger sister and older brother were both asleep.  At the time, Luis thought it was his father since he usually arrived home at that hour.  The intruder even opened the door to Luis’s room, something his father usually did at that hour. 

It wasn’t until his mother began screaming that Luis realized something was wrong; without a second thought, Luis ran to his mother’s room to see a man attacking his mom with a knife.  Luis immediately jumped on the man and began punching him.  The man began attacking Luis as well.

Similar to 7-year-old Carlos, it wasn’t until Luis ran to the kitchen and called the police that the attacker became scared and left the house.  While the attacker hasn’t been found yet, Carlos’s courage, strength, and quick-thinking saved his mom’s life.

His mother told the local news, “He’s an angel…I love him more than ever. I’m so proud of him. He saved my life.” (WLS-TV)

Watch a video of Luis talking about the attack:

More on Luis Reteguin:
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