Inspiration Report

Grace Groner, orphaned at 12, was taken in by family friends until she was adopted. Her adopted parents made an investment of paying her way through Lake Forest College, not knowing this investment would lead to a greater one many years later when Grace would repay her educators in a most extraordinary way.


 She took on a job as a secretary upon graduation.  She never married, or drove a car, and she lived her whole life in a small cottage. Unbeknownst to anyone, she used her savings to buy three $60 stock shares in 1935.


Grace.jpgHer shares accumulated value to the tune of $7 million dollars. After her passing in January 2010, at 100 years old, that money was donated to her college as a foundation to allow students to study abroad. Her cottage is now called Grace’s Cottage that takes in scholarship students.


Lake Forest left a huge imprint on Grace’s heart, enough for her to give them back all she had in return.


See the video about Grace and her generosity.


– Renita Williams


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