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Robin Quivers would like us to get out our check books for a good cause.

robin quivers.jpgThe famous on-air sidekick and friend to Howard Stern spread her
philanthropic wings tonight at the launch party for her newly formed 15 Foundation, held at the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

In addition to unveiling the
foundation the aim was to raise money to help rebuild the game room for the
Miami Beach Boys and Girls Club.

Quivers has long been involved with charitable work and in recent times
decided to band together with some influential friends to take action to
help people and organizations on the front lines of making the
world a better place.  The mission of the 15 Foundation “is to identify and
support these groups and the great work they do.”

The motto is “Participation is part of the solution.”

The Foundation’s co-founder is artist/entrepreneur Brendan Murphy. He and
Quivers connected while working on a charitable event for the United Nations Girl Fund
in early 2009. After the event, they realized that they shared similar
aspirations and goals and agreed to collaborate in the creation of 15
Both want to make the art of giving a fun process, one
that anyone can be part of.
Quivers shared that this work is a labor of love.  “I have made a conscious choice
to live a life of passion,” she told Beliefnet.  “And I find myself most alive
when involved with people and my goal is to affect people at all levels. The 15 Foundation is the vehicle which allows me to interact with everyone and to touch
them in every way”
“As we move forward, Brendan Murphy, 15’s co founder, and I plan to create
fund raising events that combine exposure to arts, sports and fashion. The idea
being that mankind at it’s best can heal mankind at it’s worst.”

For more
information or to donate, visit the 15 Foundation website.

Fabulous photo of Robin borrowed from The Robin Quivers Show website.

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