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Are you thinking of doing something to serve others on Valentine’s Day? How about showing the world some love and joining in on campaign that welcomes people of all faiths to act toward the betterment of humankind?

Here’s the scoop from the Standing on the Side of Love camp:

“On Sunday, February 14th over 65 communities nationwide will participate in National Standing on the Side of Love Day, a countrywide day of community action organized by the Standing on the Side of Love campaign and sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Across the United States, people from diverse faith backgrounds will mobilize locally to lift up love and fight oppression, exclusion and violence.”

“Love is a value that is celebrated and central to all of the world’s major religions,” says Reverend Meg Riley, Standing on the Side of Love Campaign Chair and UUA Director of Advocacy & Witness.  “Love is more than a just a feeling for a spouse or family member–it is a powerful force that can unite and inspire us to work for a better world. In these times of hardship and uncertainty, the transformative and restorative power of love is a critically important catalyst for change.  This day is about harnessing that power to defend the worth and dignity of all people.”


“In places such as Ogden, Utah, Annapolis, Maryland, and Loudon County, Virginia, Unitarian Universalist congregations will partner with other groups to host rallies, press conferences, panel events, letter-writing campaigns, and other activities designed to uphold love and counter exclusion and violence towards immigrant communities, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals, and other marginalized groups.”


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