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Okay, so this is not exacty a rescue story but perhaps, for some, this is a tale of hope that will lift the heart–especially if you happen to be short and stout.

It may make you happy to know that human females are evolving to a larger size and–in ten generations from now, perhaps–this will be the attractive norm. So consider yourself evolved.

Our friends at report that the woman of the future will be shorter and plumper.

“According to a study by Yale researchers, humans are still evolving, and women are evolving to become shorter and fatter. It is estimated that in 10 generations, women will be two centimeters shorter, weigh one kilogram (around 2.5 lbs.) more, and look back and wonder what kind of freakish monster Angelina Jolie was.”

It may take a while to see this play out in fashion magazines that still love to focus the lens on gals who are more of the bean pole persuasion. But take heart, for a change will be coming, ladies!


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