Inspiration Report

Poetry is alive and well and living at the Strand Bookstore. The classic New York City venue is a treasure trove of literature and home to a massive collection of used books. They recently held their first “Share the Love of Poetry Contest” and the first place winner was Sherry Huang, a long time Beliefnet editor.

Inspired by the sonnets, here is here are her wonderful, winning words:

Milton himself got lost in paradise
On his way to Jane Austen for late tea
While Cervantes tried for windmill’s demise
Sendak and his wild things set out to sea
When Woolf said she’d buy the flowers herself
Forster, he searched for a room with a view
As F. Scott admired the Great Gatsby’s wealth
Balzac was paired with a seamstress and shoe
One Bronte pined for Heathcliff on the moor
Oh! Seuss didn’t know the places to go
But Lewis dared step through a wardrobe’s door
To Strand, where loved authors hold status quo
    In eighteen miles all books find residence
    Where written treasures still take precedence
                                   -Sherry Huang


Visit the Strand and see other entries.

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