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Thomas Friedman wrote a provocative post in his NY Times column about the oil spill.  In it, he quoted a friend who wrote: “I’d like to join in on the blame game that has come to define our national approach […]

One of my personal passions is neuroscience–more specifically, translating some of the most important neuroscientific findings into leadership and workplace insights. One recent finding, summarized in David Rock’s book, Your Brain at Work, is that our conscious-thinking brain resources–located in […]

Michael Pollan famously summarized everything you should know about eating in 7 words (in an article in the NY Times):     Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.   Last week, after reading his latest book–Food Rules–I realized that […]

After working in the corporate sector for many years, I confess that I do not covet what I’m told I should want: The famed “corner office” that represents the most power, the highest salary and the shortest title (which usually […]

When corporate accidents happen, people look to the CEO for answers.  And in the case of the recent oil spill caused by British Petroleum (BP), the company has covered all the right public relations bases.  Tony Hayward, BP’s Chief Executive, […]