Inner Cubicle
After working in the corporate sector for many years, I confess that I do not covet what I’m told I should want: The famed “corner office” that represents the most power, the highest salary and the shortest title (which usually begins with a “C”).  Instead, what I want most is to inhabit an “Inner Cubicle”–which I define as a place where I am connected to the heart of an organization and am privy to the real conversations, questions and crises faced by the millions of people who help run America’s corporations, nonprofits and government agencies.  

This blog is about capturing the dialogues that are transpiring in Inner Cubicles everywhere in America.  Each day, Jay and I will write about the metaphysical, moral and practical questions that we need to start asking of ourselves, and of our leaders, in the workplace.  Such as, What does it mean to be a leader in today’s economic and socio-political environment?  How can we more closely align private sector corporations with our growing human, social and environmental needs?  

And overarching these questions, is still another.  We also need to ask ourselves: How can every working person, irrespective of their title, demonstrate leadership in the workplace and in life?  I’m convinced that American business can only do better if we all take some responsibility for setting higher and better goals than merely growth, profitability and efficiency.

This blog is a forum for all working people to explore how we can have a net positive impact at work everyday by taking our best, most conscious selves into the office everyday.

We’re eager to learn what you care about most so feel free to email your ideas and thoughts to: taz [@]

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