Paula Faris had found remarkable success as co-host of “The View” and co-anchor of “Good Morning America: Weekend Edition,” when God spoke to her.

She was at the top of her career, but she was incredibly exhausted. While her career was “soaring,” her personal life was a different story.

“I was at the height of my career…and I really felt like I was walking in my God-given calling,” Faris said in an interview on ‘The Billy Hallowell Podcast.’ “And I leaned in so hard to what we’re told to lean into – to work and vocation…that I burnt out.”

She may have been in her dream career, but everything else was falling apart – her health and her marriage. She said she had become consumed with work and “didn’t have an ease in her spirit.”

As a devoted Christian, she knew something was not well with her soul.

“I knew that I had taken it to an unhealthy place,” she said. “I had become addicted to what I did, addicted to the accolades…accomplishment, and the high [of] the spotlight.”

“It became about what I was doing, not who I was doing it for,” Faris said.

Then it was one blow after another including a miscarriage, an emergency surgery, a concussion and a head-on collision, and a tough bout of pneumonia. “My life just felt like it was falling apart,” Faris said.

She realized in that moment that she had misplaced her identity.

“Here I am a professing Christian and it wasn’t good enough to just be ‘Paula.’”

This is when she decided to stop everything and do what nobody was expecting she would ever do. She left her career behind. The transition wasn’t easy. “I didn’t know what to do with myself,” Faris said.

She felt called to get back in touch with God. She began reading Scripture more and she began to put her focus in the place that it should have been.

Faris learned a lot from her journey which she has shared in her new book titled “Called Out.” She hopes it will inspire those who are struggling with issues related to their calling.

Faris also hopes that those who read it will be encouraged to listen to God’s voice.

“God’s calling me into a different space now,” Faris said. “My worth is not my work.”

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