Idol Chatter

British actor Jamie Bell will take your breath away as the lead character in the new movie, “Skin”.

Based on the story of Bryon Widner, an American white supremacist and tattoo artist who inks his own skin as a message of hate, “Skin” is a heartbreaking story of anger, violence, love and redemption.

After grwoing up in a violent, addiction riddle household Widner finds hope in a new surrogate family – who also run a neo-Nazi group. Widner finds redemption after meeting Julie, a single mother of three girls, from the Krager tribe. Julie, played by Danielle Maconald, is a fellow rebel who wants to fly past her neo-Nazi, racist roots. Julie becomes the first glimmer of hope for Widner. He then finds hope in Darlyle (Mike Colter), a black, anti-Fascist organizer who believes he can help transform Widner’s life from a scummy human to a person of faith.

The movie powerfully shares the details of Widner’s transformation, and Bell’s performance is one that can be considered Oscar-worthy. It’s hard to feel sorry for a racist who once burned down mosques and abused persons of color with impunity. Through Bell’s performance, we are taught that love and kindness can truly change the hurt, pain, and disgust in a person’s heart. Redemption is possible.

“Skin” is the first American feature from Israeli writer-director Guy Nattiv and is available now. You can watch the full trailer below. The movie is rated R for violence, etc.