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“Heavenly Deposit”, which is now available for digital download, is more than just your typical Christian film. The story, which is based on true events, captures audiences in such a brilliant way and reminds us all of the power of letting God into our lives.

“Heavenly Deposit” shares the story of Peter Ranos, a faithless man that felt himself carrying the weight of the world after job challenges, a failing marriage, and more. When Peter’s world finally collapses, in his despair he has a miraculous experience. Through this, he finds the presence of God in his life and realizes he cannot deny the power of the Lord.

The Dove Foundation said of the movie: “Depositing a little time to see this film will result in heavenly and spiritual dividends! This is a must-see film.” Woman’s Day also had positive review, calling it one of the “15 must-watch christian movies coming out in 2019”.

You can watch the trailer below.