TBS’s new comedy Miracle Workers, which premiered on February 12, has proven yet again that secular Hollywood is out of touch with the true meaning of Christianity.

Based on the novel What in God’s Name, by Simon Rich, the show stars Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe as the anxious, overworked angel Craig who is solely responsible for answering the world’s prayers in the corporate world of Heaven called Heaven, Inc.

Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire) plays a lazy, cursing, insecure version of God who doesn’t seem to wield much knowledge or power. A Vanity Fair article supported that by describing the character as, “…a jaded failure of a God who’s also more than a little dim-witted,” and “inspired by the Book of Genesis” because “he’s incredibly needy:”

God is portrayed as someone who swears, drinks beer, eats snacks and wears a white undershirt in his penthouse with a baby grand piano and butler. He’s egotistical, but his outlook towards humanity is pessimistic with dialogue like, “it’s way too late to fix Earth.”

A parent’s advocacy group is warning advertisers to stay away from the new show. According to Monica Cole, director of OneMillionMoms, the show is no laughing matter.

“They have God…making irrational decisions, not caring about his people or earth,” she lists, “and [how he] has plans to blow it up because he’s just tired of not getting the respect he used to receive.”

“It’s extremely sacrilegious and blasphemous how the network is portraying God Almighty,” she continues. “It’s a mockery of God by having him say and do things that are extremely uncharacteristic of God.”

Cole spoke with OneNewsNow, hoping her message would be spread further.

“We’re asking the network to cancel the show and [urging] the advertisers to discontinue their sponsorship just because of the crude jokes and the foul language that’s also being used in this program,” says Cole.

You can watch the full episode here.

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