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The secret to Patriots’ Matthew Slater’s coin-toss success is God.

Why has New England Patriots Team Captain Matthew Slater called heads at every coin toss during his professional career? The answer has a lot to do with his earthly father and his heavenly Father.

“Well, I remember as a child watching my father play in LA and him going out and doing the coin toss for the Rams,” Slater, a devout Christian, told the Boston Globe. “He always called heads, so I asked him one time, ‘Hey, why do you do that? What’s the story behind that?’ I think anyone who knows my family knows faith is important to us and for him, he was always like, ‘You know, God’s the head of my life, so I call heads.’ That was something he came up with and I’ve kind of just embraced it.”

While Slater can’t tell you his official coin toss record, he’s just thankful the “two biggest ones [he’s] been involved in” have worked in the Patriots’ favor. In the three postseason overtime games Brady has played in, New England’s opponents have never touched the ball.

While the Super Bowl is the most important game for every player in the NFL, Matthew Slater says it is just a game he’s playing in this Sunday.

“This is not life and death. This is not the biggest thing that we’ll do,” Slater told CBN Sports. “The biggest and most important decision we’ll ever make in our lives is what we do with the knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

Slater also added, “We love what we do but we have to keep perspective on the greater good!”

Slater is known not only for being a Christian but also being vocal about his faith. Before last year’s Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles, during a press conference, he talked about he didn’t just admire the other teams’ playing ability but also admired their faith.

“I really appreciate Carson’s boldness for the Gospel, how he represents Christ day in and day out,” Slater said. “And it’s not only him. You know, Nick does that as well. Chris Maragos. Brother Burton. I mean, there are a lot of brothers over there that stand firm for what they believe in, they represent the Gospel in a tremendous fashion.”

“Ultimately, I know, to them and myself, that’s what’s going to matter for eternity beyond the game of football,” Slater said. “They’ll be my brothers in the Lord for a long time to come.”



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