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Pop singer Avril Lavigne wowed fans during the ‘Dancing with the Stars Finale’ Monday night, by sharing a heartfelt song about the Lord.

Avril Lavigne gave a powerful rendition of her latest single, “Head Above Water,” which details how God saved her life during her battle with Lyme disease.

The “Complicated” singer said in September, when the single debuted, that it’s important for her to use her celebrity platform “to bring awareness to the severity of Lyme disease.”

In an interview with Billboard, Lavigne said she’s not sure when she might have been bitten by a tick.

“I had accepted that I was dying,” she said. “And I felt in that moment like I was underwater and drowning, and I was trying to come up to gasp for air. And literally under my breath, I was like, ‘God, help me keep my head above the water.’”

Lavigne had teased her performance of the song earlier this week. The entertainer referenced Philippians 4:13 in a tweet posted one day before she sang “Head Above Water.”

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