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Two months ago, evangelist Luis Palau announced that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Recently, however, Palau gave the world incredible news following a CT scan and blood test. “All tumors had shrunk by one-third,” the 83 year old wrote on Facebook. “No new growth of the tumors whatsoever. All fluid around my lungs was resolved. Blood work looked good.”

Palau had been undergoing chemotherapy in order to slow the growth of the tumors, but that was all that treatment was expected to be able to do for him. “[The medical team] never expected the treatment to actually reverse the growth,” Palau said. “Everyone is very encouraged and praising the Lord for the wonderful news.”

The improbable results “amazed” the doctors working with Palau and gave them the confidence to give him another round of the same treatment. The treatment is “not easy on the body,” Palau noted, despite its unexpected success. That same success has heartened Palau, but he has asked his followers to continue praying for him since he is still far from out of the woods. “It is still a battle. The outcome is still unknown,” he wrote on Facebook. “We will take it one day at a time, trusting the Lord. But today we are very encouraged! Thank you for your prayers!”

The unexpected shrinking of Palau’s tumors is incredible news given that Palau’s cancer was not discovered until it was stage 4. Stage 4 lung cancer patients are typically given a five year survival rate of less than 10 percent. Palau has always known the odds of his survival, and he stated early in the treatment process that it would “take literally a miracle” to cure him of the disease. It appears, however, that Palau might end up getting his miracle. As he himself noted, his battle with cancer is far from over, but the surprising test results are better news than he had any reason to expect. One can only hope he continues to receive such good news and that he will receive his miracle in full and be able to declare triumphantly that he is cured.

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