5011122387_42a82fc24b_bA person’s ideas about God develop and change throughout their entire life. Their beliefs are never set in stone, and they can undergo dramatic shifts at any point in a person’s life. For Anthony Hopkins, his sudden change from disbelief to faith came later in life.

According to Hopkins, he abandoned atheism for belief in a higher power during an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting in 1975. His alcoholism was “like being possessed by a demon, an addiction, and I couldn’t stop. And [there are] millions of people around like that. I could not stop.” When he asked for help, a woman asked him, “Why don’t you just trust in God?” Hopkins recounted that he thought, “Well, why not?” Immediately afterward, Hopkins said, his craving for alcohol vanished. The moment was a major turning point in his life. “I was hell bend on destruction,” Hopkins recalls. “And I just asked for a little bit of help, and suddenly, pow. It was just like, bingo.”

As he has gotten older, his views have continued to evolve, and his belief has continued to deepen. “I feel every day, as I get older, anyway, that it’s all a miracle,” he said. “I mean, my heart beats, my lungs breathe. That is an extraordinary, an extraordinary phenomenon.”

Though he does not self-identity as a Christian, Hopkins has not hesitated to confirm his belief in God. When Piers Morgan asked “Do you believe in God?” Hopkins answered immediately.  “Yes, I do. I do.”

Hopkins has believed for 35 years but has not spoken much about his initial decision to trust God. Now, however, he has opened up about how he found himself praying to God during his time of need, even though he did not believe in God. Despite his hesitant belief, Hopkins’ prayer was answered, and his life changed forever. He now says it was “nonsense” for him to think that he can do anything and conquer anything on his own. Instead, he has taken to heart the advice of that woman from long ago and put his trust in someone more powerful than a mere man.

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