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Tim Tebow is one of the best known football players on Earth. He helped the Florida Gaters win two national championships, won the Heisman Trophy and led the Denver Broncos on what has been called a miraculous run. Unlike many other famous players, however, Tebow’s fame does not stem from his record on the field. Instead, he is best known for his Christian faith.

Tebow became famous for kneeling to pray before games in a stance that became known as “Tebowing” and was imitated by both sincere believers and in open mockery. His openly Christian and pro-life beliefs made him an easy target, but Tebow continued to use his platform and fame to live out his faith. He has spoken about his faith on social media, to fans and even to complete strangers in airports.

With Tebow’s departure from the football field, many of his critics hoped that Tebow and his outspoken faith would fade into the background. Instead, Tebow may be getting a second shot at stardom this time on the baseball diamond. Tebow is currently playing for the Class Double-A Rumble Ponies in Binghamtom, New York as, unsurprisingly, number 15, and he recently earned a spot in the Eastern League All-Star game. This sort of success has led to speculation that Tebow might be promoted to Triple-A or even the major leagues.

Tebow’s fans are ecstatic about the thought of their favorite player taking center stage in professional sports once more, but Tebow himself has kept his own opinions on a possible promotion quiet. Instead, he has focused on continuing to improve his baseball skill by “really trying…to make some tweaks and changes to be able to lock into those fundamentals, and try to improve and continue to stay focused on the process that [he has]since [he] started this endeavor.”

Tebow’s advice to young athletes, however, shows that he may care more about the outcome of his baseball career than he has let on. “I would say if you have a dream and you’re passionate about something, then don’t be afraid to go and live that out,” he said. “There will always be naysayers and people that want to bring you down, but let your passions speak louder than the critics will ever speak. Listen to your heart, and let that be something you pursue, because in life, the greatest thing you’re going to regret is not failing, it’s going to be not trying.”

Tebow has certainly lived up to those words and has impressed many with his improvement on the baseball field, but stardom is not what Tebow is chasing. “If I’m not remembered for baseball, that’s OK,” he said. “If I’m not remembered for football, that’s OK, too. Actually, it’s fine if I’m not remembered at all. What I want is to serve God by helping people who are less fortunate. That’s what’s important, not playing a sport.”

Tebow has lived out those words through events such as the annual Night to Shine. Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, Night to Shine provides boys and girls with disabilities a prom night that is centered on God’s love. The most recent prom was attended by 90,000 teens from 537 churches in 17 countries and run by a small army of 175,000 volunteers. Many of the attendees become lifelong Tebow fans.

Whether Tebow will have  a second career in major league sports is uncertain, but the attention his minor league career has received makes one thing very clear: neither Tebow nor his beliefs are going to fade quietly into the background.


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