Idol Chatter

Chris Armstead, a worship leader at East Cobb Church of Christ in Marietta, Georgia and a group of his friends took over a Georgia, Chick-fil-A when they broke out in a spontaneous flash mob singing “Every Praise,” right before sitting down to eat.

Chick-fil-A customers were moved by the faith-filled performance, with many pulling out their cameras and joining in song. So far, the video has bee shared on Facebook more than 239k times and has generated over 11 million views.

Many people took to Facebook to react to the performance saying it was “refreshing” and “beautiful” to see the restaurant in worship.

One person said, “I needed this today! It made me cry and smile all at the same time. Best stress relief yet. Listening to true worship…”

Another person wrote, “I felt the touch of God on Facebook. Thank God for people who are not ashamed to show that He is the most high. We need more of this happen…”

Some other comments included:

“That was awesome. Not ashamed to own our God. Bless them for blessing others.”

“What a witness to the young people there…way to take it to the streets guys…”

“This is the way we are supposed to live! Praising God and loving each other!”

See the electrifying viral performance below.

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