Be Great - Cover of BookSelf-improvement books have become a common sight, especially in recent years. There are entire sections in bookstores filled with titles such as “Leading with Passion,” “Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success” and “Soar Like an Eagle, Don’t Flock Like a Pidgeon.” Some of these books are based on psychology, neuroscience and a truthful understanding of what really makes a person tick. Others, however, are riddled with references to chakras, auras and other New Age spiritual energies. The former sort of book is one that just about anyone would be comfortable reading. The latter, though, can make Christians cringe or roll their eyes when they read about “unblocking energy centers to clear negative chi that has settled in the muscles.” The method of stress relief sitting next to that phrase may be of legitimate use, but many Christians will set the whole book aside rather than try and sift through what they see as heretical New Age teachings.

What many Christians are hungry for is a self-improvement book based in Biblical thought. Christians want to improve themselves just like everyone else, but they crave examples that are anchored in their belief system, in God and in Christ. Thankfully, such a book does exist.

“Be Great…Before It’s Too Late” is Jerry Meek’s latest work, and it offers advice on how a Christian can be successful without compromising their faith. Meek is aware that one cannot serve two masters, and he makes it a point to explain that greatness is not simply material success. He also emphasizes that greatness is not some inborn, innate trait, but something that is the product of years of hard work.

Like the best self-improvement books, “Be Great…Before It’s Too Late” is filled with practical advice that can be applied to a person’s everyday life. What set’s “Be Great” apart from other self-improvement books, however, is that Meek uses the Bible to support his claims of what it means to be great. He uses examples that every Christian will be familiar with, such as using the story of Samson to show that a person who is unwilling to learn will eventually fail or the story of Gideon to emphasize the importance of trust, while still including stories of the successes and failures of people today.

“Be Great…Before It’s Too Late” is a self-improvement book that is unapologetically rooted in the Christian faith and the Bible. It uses the teachings of Christ to help modern readers understand what it truly means to be great both to one’s self and in the eyes of God. The book is available for purchase now, and more information about the book can be found on its official website.

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