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Willie_RobertsonThe Robertsons from “Duck Dynasty” are known for their conservative Christian values, but a recent interview with Lisa Robertson proved that was not always the case. The Robertsons have never claimed to be perfect, and they have used their past experiences to help encourage people who have faced hardship or difficult times in life.

Lisa Robertson’s story, however, is not what most would expect from the conservative Christian family. Lisa was interviewed by her sister-in-law, Missy Robertson, for Missy’s podcast “The Overcomers.” This podcast usually focuses on stories of women who have overcome difficulties such as drugs abuse or human trafficking. Missy, however, devoted one of the last two episodes of season one to Lisa. “When I think of an overcome,” Missy said, “I think of my sister-in-law, Lisa.”

In a raw and unflinching interview, Lisa explained that she was abused as a child. Following a series of disappointments in her teen years, she started down a self-destructive path. “I started trying to find…love…through other guys, through sex, through drugs, alcohol,” Lisa said. “I was hurting, and I couldn’t find anything to numb the pain. I would wake up in places and didn’t really know how I got there.”

This destructive path took a dark turn when she had an abortion at the age of 16. “[The father] wanted to have the baby, but I had nobody to talk to,” Lisa said. Her own parents told her that having an abortion was her only option.

Following her abortion, Lisa took her self-destructive life to a new level. Sometimes she would leave home and not come home for several days. Lisa’s partying stopped when she married Al Robertson, but her troubles were not over yet. During their marriage Lisa had an emotional affair and then a mixed physical and emotional affair five years later.

“I had an affair, a full-blown affair and it lasted for 14 months….the guilt was so overwhelming,” Lisa said. She claimed that lying to her family and living a double life was hellish. Eventually, her second affair came out just like her first. After Lisa’s emotional affair, Al had told her he would leave her if she ever strayed again. Despite this, the couple stayed together and sought healing. It was around this time that Lisa describes having hit a breaking point.  She pleaded with God for help. “If you’re really there, I need you to help me, I need you to rescue me,” she said. “I need to make the Lord of my life Jesus Christ.”

God seems to have heard her. Lisa and Al remained married and helped heal the family rift that her affair had caused. The couple now leads marriage conferences and helps others navigate the difficult times in their lives.

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