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2000px-PyeongChang_2018_Winter_Olympics.svgThe opening ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics kicked off a week ago, and the Games are now in full swing. Olympians from all over the world have been fighting for the gold to bring back home to their countries. There have already been some big winners and losers this week with some incredibly stories.

Here are the top five moments we loved from the first week.

US Olympic Skating Couple Credits Christian Faith

The United States Olympic pair figure skaters Alexa Scimeca Knierim and her husband Chris Knierim opened up about their Christian faith this week. They said their faith helped give them the strength to battle through a life-threatening illness to compete in this years Games. Alexa was diagnosed with a serious gastrointestinal condition in 2016 that required three surgeries. She stated in an interview “And even here at the Games, it’s no longer about me. I have fans out there who know that I am a true believer in the Lord and I’m trying my best to shine His light and let people know that it’s okay to promote Him and do things for Him, because in the Christian life that’s kind of what we’re supposed to.”

Snowboarder Shaun White Wins First Gold Medal in Eight Years

The popular snowboarder was a favorite to take home the gold this year, despite missing the mark in past Games. Incredibly, just a few months ago Shaun White was in the hospital after an accident. Despite this, he won his first Olympic gold medal since 2010 at the age of 31.

Chloe Kim, 17, Wins Gold on the Halfpipe

At only 17, it’s unbelievable to see what the U.S. snowboarder Chloe Kim can do. After winning the gold medal on the halfpipe this week, she became the youngest woman in history to win a snowboarding medal at the Winter Olympics.

Yura Min Avoids Her Almost-Wardrobe Malfunction

The South Korean figure skater Yura Min’s routine had people on the edge of their seats, but for the wrong reasons. At the very beginning of her routine, a clasp holding her costume came apart in the. She managed to handle it with incredible grace despite having to ad-lib the entire routine. She forced herself to keep her hands back to try to keep her costume from coming more undone. Luckily, the skater has another shot during the individual pairs competition later this week.

The Jamaican Women’s Bobsled Coach Stepped Down

Next week the Jamaican women’s bobsled team will be making their debut, however they are currently facing some last minute setbacks. Their coach, Sandra Kiriasis, was forced to step down by the the Jamaican Bobsled Federation. Because of this, she is now refusing to give up the team’s sled. Th JBF stated “Now that she is off the team synergy is much better, tension is down and athletes are now able to focus in a much healthier environment.” The only problem is that they need the bobsled back before they can ever compete, and Kiriasis has legal responsibility of it.

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