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Despite living a lavish party lifestyle at the Playboy Mansion, actress Andrea Logan White says that God was with her the whole way.

White said God used her wild life as a Playboy Bunny and friendship with owner Hugh Hefner to help her come to Jesus while speaking to Fox Radio News recently. In White’s new book “Perfectly Unfinished” she reveals that God used Hefner as an odd father figure in her life. When she was battling an eating disorder, Hefner was supportive in encouraging her to eat. He even provided a limo for her to attend church when she first started dabbling in the Christian faith.

The actress grew up in a broken home. She was only 12 when her parents divorced. Her father moved away and her mom was consumed with work and men.  This put White on a personal path of destruction at an early age. She dealt with childhood insecurities and started experimenting with drugs, boys, and developed an eating disorder.

Eventually, she ran to Hollywood seeking refuge. She tried to chase the wrong dream of becoming a glamorous actress with the perfect body. However after spending years running away from her deep rooted emotional problems, White came to the realization that only God could “fill the void” she had in her heart.

“Somehow, God used him (Hefner) in that world to really get me to a point where I realized this is not fulfillment; this is a lot of deception,” she explained.

The “Mom’s Night Out” star was exposed to the darker side of showbiz, including drugs, alcohol and perversion. She said that God was patient with her during this time, and allowed her to come to Jesus on her own.

Now the co-owner of one of the most successful Christian studios in Hollywood, Pure Flix Entertainment, Logan White revealed she had an encounter with God back in the ’90s that put her on the course she’s on now.

While sitting in her car sobbing one day, a nearby driver recommended that she listen to a local Christian radio station.

“I turned the radio station on and it was a pastor repeating the words, ‘Jesus loves you.’ I just cried out to God,” she said. “That was really a shift in my faith and my life to start going on a better path.”

White calls this moment a “crazy answered prayer.”

White later started attending Malibu Vineyard church in Los Angeles where she met her now-husband, Christian actor/filmmaker David A. R. White.

The couple, married nearly 15 years with three children, are the producers behind “God’s Not Dead,” the highest-grossing independent faith film of 2014, taking in more than $60 million at the box office. The Whites are also keeping busy with new films and TV shows as well as the streaming video services of Pure Flix.

Through her life as a Playboy Bunny, White eventually found a successful relationship with God. In her new book, she discusses how she will never be perfect but appreciates that it’s all a part of God’s plan. She discovered that God can work best through the broken and unfinished areas of our lives and that we are not called to perfection but to humility and surrender.

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