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In theaters November 3rd, “On Wings of Eagles” features the true story of international athlete Eric Liddell during the last years of his life. The Olympic gold medalist’s faith in Christ led him to serve others in some dangerous and upsetting conditions during the Second World War. He gave up the fame, endorsements, luxuries, and more to lovingly follow and serve others.

The film stars Joseph Fiennes (“Shakespeare in Love,” “Risen”) in the role of Liddell and is gearing up to be the modern-day telling of “Chariots of Fire,” which is an Academy Award-winning film that tells a portion of Liddell’s story. The movie follows up “Chariots of Fire” which is considered one of the most iconic films ever.

Speaking about portraying Liddell, Finnes says: His “life is a series of challenges. They talk about athletes that have to go through a wall of pain when they run very fast in order to get to the ultimate place to win the race you have to go through this intense pain barrier. I feel that in Eric’s race that pain barrier escalated every day that he managed to bring his meditation to break through that pain barrier. So to me, he was the champion of champions.”

The movie personifies what it means to follow Christ. It is a family-friendly film that does not feature violent or gratuitous images.

Eric Liddell’s two daughters sat down to discuss the movie and the true story. Check out the special featurette below.

“ON WINGS OF EAGLES” – Liddell and his daughters from Daniel Lawrence Abrams on Vimeo.

Catch a trailer for the movie below.

ON WINGS OF EAGLES – US Trailer from Daniel Lawrence Abrams on Vimeo.

“On Wings of Eagles” was directed by Stephen Shin, who is a devout Chinese Christian. The movie will be in theaters nationwide Nov. 3.

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