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image-2-sizedIf you have ever wished that you could be a professional football player, this is the place for you.

On Friday, the NFL Experience will be opening itself up to the public in Times Square. Created in partnership with Cirque du Soleil, the NFL Experience is a hi-tech, immersive experience that puts patrons into the shoes of an NFL player. From augmented reality to a 4D cinema, guests will be able to participate in various physical challenges and see what it’s like to be inside the game.

“NFL Experience Times Square is the next level of entertainment for new and life-long football fans alike,” says Danny Boockvar, President of NFL Experience Times Square. “This must-see attraction will allow residents and tourists to experience the game like never before.”

There’s plenty to do even while waiting for something else to do. Here are just some of the highlights of the experience.

  • Super Bowl Celebration Room: an interactive room that uses augmented reality to bring you on the field for the biggest NFL celebration of the year.
  • Huddle Up: get inside the huddle with custom media monitors and interactive game play where you’re the Quarterback.
  • NFL Game Plan Unique Projection System Challenge: get a meet-and-greet with a hologram of Jon Gruden as you get ready for the big game.

“We look at this as Disneyland meets the Hall of Fame in Times Square,” says Boockvar.

“Part of the trick is make sure to appeal to kids who are 8 and adults who are 80, to the hardcore fan and the novice, and the people from overseas,” Dawn Hudson, the league’s chief marketing officer, noting that 20 percent of foot traffic in Times Square is from Europe.

Visitors can finish off the visit in a dining area featuring favored items from the 32 NFL teams. The New York item being highlighted recently was a reuben sandwich.

The project cost $30 million and took 2 1/2 years to complete. It will be opening on December 1st, the day after a grand opening that Commissioner Roger Goodell and assorted football celebrities and Hall of Famers will attend.

For more information and tickets, you can visit the NFL Experience website.

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