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Imagine having dinner with the man who killed Cecil the lion. This is the scenario filmmaker Migel Arteta created in the Sundance hit “Beatriz at Dinner.”

Beatriz (Salma Hayek), an immigrant from a poor town in Mexico, has drawn on her innate kindness to build a career as a spiritual health practitioner in Los Angeles. Doug Strutt (John Lithgow) is a cutthroat, self-satisfied billionaire real estate developer. When these two opposites meet at a dinner party, their worlds collide and neither will ever be the same.

This film explores a variety of worldly, as well as spiritual, themes such as integrity, compassion, materialism, and greed.  Beatriz has dedicated her life to a love of all animals and focuses on her healing practices as a way to help the world, yet finds herself immensely challenged when confronted with the antithesis of all she holds dear.  As a spiritual seeker, she strives to express the best of herself, yet feels herself brought to the brink of madness by the realities of modern life.

The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2017, and it is scheduled to be released  to the public on June 9, 2017.

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