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What if we are at the center of the universes? What if the most foundational principle in cosmology, the Copernican Principle, was wrong?  The documentary “The Principle” will explore these questions and could alter what you learned in science class.

Nicolaus Copernicus first theorized that the earth orbits the Sun. The Copernican Principle states that the earth is nothing special and basically the Bible got it wrong. Copernicus believed we were not at the center of the universe as the church stated and Scripture was just taken out of context.

The Copernican Principle reached a level of dogma centuries ago and science and the elites of the industry have tried everything to maintain this principle even at the expense of common sense. This started the battle between science and faith. Rick Delano is the writer and producer of the film and believes that the Bible does account for creation. We can read about it in the Book of Genesis when God tells Abraham to look at the number of stars. “Then the LORD took Abram outside and said to him, “Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That’s how many descendants you will have!” This was the beginning of faith and the beginning of science. 

“The question of our place in the cosmos is the greatest scientific detective story in all of the history. The world has been shaped by two great assertions: one places us in the center of it all and the other one relegates us to utter insignificance. Amazingly, “The Principle” is the first documentary to examine this persistent puzzle at the heart of modern science,” said Delano.

Delano respects science, but people are ignoring the evidence that is showing that the earth is indeed special.

“They haven’t proven that something can come from nothing. “Strong evidence shows there is a special direction in the cosmos and it points toward Earth. This is a serious claim that could indicate that perhaps the Bible was true in its account of creation and they’re ignoring it.”

If you want to become enlightened and challenged check out “The Principle.”

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