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Academy Award winning director Ron Howard returns to direct, “Inferno.”  The film is based on Dan Brown’s  popular Robert Langdon series. Tom Hanks returns as Harvard Professor and symbologist looking to draw clues from Dante’s poem (Inferno) and races to stop a man threatening to release havoc onto the world with a global virus. Howard said in an interview with the Sun, that Brown’s book had more elements than horror and mystery. It exposed some of the modern day issues facing the world today like “human overpopulation, making it a much more contemporary, edgier kind of thriller.”

Additionally, through the use of science, art and solving riddles, Langdon joins Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), to solve the mystery as they travel across Europe to find clues. Dante Alighieri’s famous poem talked about the journey of traveling the nine circles of hell and being guided by ancient Roman poet Virgil. Howard also directed “The Da Vinci Code” (2006) and “Angels and Demons” in 2009. “Inferno” will be out in theaters Oct. 28.

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