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robin givensWhen Robin Given’s lost her baby sister to breast cancer it rocked her world. It shook her to the core, but she tells us she learned that our God is not dead. “After losing my 47-year-old sister– it was the ultimate trust [test],” she shared.

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning, the actress offered that God sustained her. God always takes care of us, no matter what the pain is she said, and her latest role solidifies that we don’t need to fear, but stand tall.  Givens plays Principal Kinney in “God’s Not Dead 2,” the sequel, to the first one released two years ago that moved an entire nation. Her family saw the first film, and loved it.

“So when they came to me with this one [film] they were more excited than I was, so it was nice to have everyone so excited and to be a part of it. In many respects the first film was surprise.”

With freedoms at stake it is time for believers to stand up, and the first film encouraged this discussion. “God’s not Dead” encouraged this when it came on the scene shocking Hollywood with its $60 million in revenue—the highest grossing independent faith film in 2014.

The new film takes viewers inside what it is like to be under attack for faith after a student asked for the comparison between Mahatma Gandhi  beliefs to Jesus’ teachings. A civil liberties group goes after the teacher for violating the separation of church and state. A lot of people won’t stand and Robin agreed, and we need to have hope. It was hope that helped her through her loss.

“God’s not dead is a pretty strong title and powerful title,” Givens said.  “My mom loved it and made us go see it—my son’s and I. So certainly the faith aspect is a very important thing for me and my household. To be a part of continuing that discussion and to be promoting God in a time we’re wondering if we should be saying “Merry Christmas.”

The timing is right she confirmed. We need to press in despite the ridicule, or fear.

“To watch a film like this, to experience peace and joy that God has–I would love to be part of any project like this again,” expressed Givens.

 Pat Boone, Melissa Joan Hart, Ernie Hudson, Ray Wise, and Fred Thompson also join “God’s Not Dead 2″ opening Apr. 1.










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