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The second season of “I am Cait” received the green light on the E! Network to premiere on March, 2016, BuzzFeed News reported. The show follows Caitlyn Jenner and her life as a transgender after her transition from being Bruce Jenner—something she struggled with most of her life. Shortly after the announcement on ABC News, Jenner was the recipient of the 2015 Arthur Ashe Courage Award, graced the cover of Vanity Fair, and had her own show. “I am Cait” aired in July with 2.7 million viewers. Over the course of eight episodes, ratings took a dip to almost half, giving people, and the press, the impression it would not be renewed.  Cait, 65, has been given a second chance at life, now her show will be given another opportunity, too.

The new chapter has not come without some disparagement. Transgender activists criticized Jenner on not understanding the real issues people in the community go through due to her privilege.





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