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ArnoldGOP candidate for president Donald Trump shared on Facebook that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be his replacement for the next season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC.

“Congrats to my friend Arnold Schwarzenegger who is doing next season’s Celebrity Apprentice. He’ll be great & will raise lots of money for charity. To all my fans, sorry I couldn’t do ‘The Apprentice’ any longer— but equal time (presidential run) prohibits me from doing so,” Trump wrote.

The network already severed the relationship with Trump due to comments made about immigrants during a campaign speech, but made a mends and the show was picked up for 2015-2016 season.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that the reality show franchise had a “2.4 rating among adults 18-49 despite the nearly yearlong gap between the start of production in early 2014 and the season’s debut in January 2015.”

What was the actor and former California governor’s reaction? He took to Twitter, of course. “Wow. I’m blown away and honored by all your tweets. I can’t wait to bring my experience to the board room & raise millions for charity.”

Executive producer Mark Burnett reportedly said they’ve found a new leader to say the well-known catchphrase: ‘You’re fired.’

“Donald made it clear that he wanted ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ to be able to continue to raise millions of dollars annually for worthy causes and now NBC and I have found an amazing new leader to do just that,” Burnett said.

“The Apprentice” first aired in 2004 and was changed to “Celebrity Apprentice” after six seasons.

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