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Isaiah Austin was a Baylor basketball standout  who was primed for the 2014 NBA Draft, until he was sidelined with a rare disease. His book Dream Again shares his story of faith and his courage to dream again.

What does it mean to you to dream again?

IA: To me it means to takes life’s challenges and run with them. Though your plans may not turn out the way you want them to you can still use those obstacles to strengthen yourself to be able to find a new passion in something else. God has a Plan for everyone trust it and you’ll go as far as you can imagine in life.

dream-again-9781501107399_hrWhat can we learn by letting go of our old dreams?

IA: You learn to become strong and to never let anything get you down. You can adjust to what life throws at you and it can help to build you into the strongest person that God wants you to be.

Marfan syndrome does not define you, what did you do to overcome this and not let it define you?

IA: I just kept my head on straight and didn’t let it hinder my life. I used it in a positive way and now I’m able to inspire people around the world because of it. I don’t see Marfan syndrome as a crutch in my life but as a blessing in disguise.

What is the number one question people ask you?

IA: The number one question I get is “How tall are you and do you play basketball?”

How did you allow God to help you dream again?

IA: I gave my heart to him and let him carry me to the path that he wants me to walk. My mom always told me it’s one thing to have faith but it means something really different when you trust in HIS plan for your life.

The Isaiah Austin Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides support for the awareness and research of Marfan syndrome and those affected by it. Learn more about this amazing man and his organization in Dream Again.


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