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Galaxy BuckGalaxy Buck” is the first narrative video series that Phil Vischer has launched within a decade. The Galaxy Buck space trilogy series will feature the popular characters from Vischer’s bestselling series Buck Denver Asks…What’s in the Bible?.

In this follow-up series the characters will put their knowledge into action by exploring the universe while showing kids what following Jesus looks like in real life. In press release, circulated by A. Larry Ross Communications,  Vischer stated, “It isn’t enough to know our faith. Through a group of lovable space-faring puppets, ‘Galaxy Buck’ will help kids learn to live their faith. I’m excited for families to join us for the ride.”

Vischer is no stranger to Christian children’s media, as his “Veggie Tales” has sold more than 50 million videos. Dan Raines, President of Creative Trust, commented by saying, “True to brand, Phil Vischer is not just creating a new series, he is concocting an innovative mash-up of exceptional store-telling with the most endearing group of characters in the universe.” Raines added, “Thanks to Phil and his creative team, there will not be a dull moment.”

The first DVD in the series will debut on – a Creative Trust company in October. For more information and a sneak peek of the series, visit

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