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Jean KJean Nidetch, the 91-year-old mastermind behind the multi-billion dollar Weight Watchers corporation, passed away early Wednesday morning due to natural causes.

Throughout her life, Nidetch struggled with obesity and was no stranger to fad diets. In interviews she commented on her obsession for eating meat. It was in 1961, Nidetch reached a peak within her weight issues and began experimenting with various dieting tips others had given her over the years. Nidetch stopped skipping meals and began incorporating a variety of items from the food groups. Soon Nidetch invited her friends over to discuss their common goal of losing weight and exchange tips on what did and didn’t work. The group met weekly and worked as a support group.

And the rest is history. In 1963, Weight Watchers launched and Nidetch became a celebrity. Her new weight loss methods and point system helped millions of women, all of over the world, shed pounds and fit into the dress size they longed for. In 1978 Nidetch retired and Weight Watchers was sold to the Heinz Co. for $71 million.

Nidetch’s legacy will live on as people around the world can credit the Weight Watchers system for their weight loss and bright future.


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