EchoLight Cinema releases its first world-premier film, “Hoovey” based on the true story of Eric “Hoovey” Elliot from Illinois, a promising high school basketball player, who develops a near-fatal brain tumor.  The family struggles to keep it all together through faith, and the power of the human spirit.

“The movie is inspiring to me because it shows how any obstacle is possible to overcome with the support of family and a belief in a higher power and that everything will work in your favor,” Cody Linley said, who plays Hoovey.

Hoovey returns to the court after his recovery with the backing of his parents played by Patrick Warburton and Lauren Holly.

“I find this very uplifting,” said Linley. “And I hope that this is a movie that anyone can enjoy with the whole family.”

EchoLight has also presented Max Lucado’s “Christmas Candle,” and will also release “Vanished: Left Behind: Next Generation” in the summer.

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