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We all know him based on what the history books tell us however, those pages do not shed light on his early life and how he became the man that everyone admires today. The Better Angels is a film that does just that – gives us the background on how Abraham became a man. The film showcases the trials and tribulations that Abe and his family had to face in order to survive and the two women in his life that helped shape him into a legendary figure.

Braydon Denney plays Abe and for the first time, in film history, captures the young soul that would soon lead our country. Lincoln’s older sister, that cared for him a great deal of his childhood, is played by the talented Diane Kruger.

The Better Angels is a piece of history that gets forgotten because of the brilliant presidency. Many forget the beginnings -Indiana, 1817. At this time the nation removed from a war of independence and a mere 40-years-old. Everyone was battling the world around them, trying to find their place while living in remote log cabins to combat disease.

The film, The Better Angels, will open your eyes to the beginnings and shed light on how greatness is born and the energy it takes to prevail. You’ll appreciate the roads and people that shape us and be inspired by the tribulations that change us.

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