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When a church loses its building, can it still stand?

“Little Hope Was Arson” is a feature length documentary that tells the 2010 story of 10 East Texas churches, set ablaze in one month, sparking the largest manhunt in regional history. But after the case was solved, the bigger mystery began. What drove two young men to commit these terrible acts, how were families and churches impacted by this tragedy and after a church loses its building, can it stand again?

Theo Love, the film’s director was so moved when he read about the fires, he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the story telling process. Love knew there was power in the story’s retelling.

“From the moment I read about these fires, I knew there was a redemptive story that could rise from these violent and tragic acts,” said Theo Love, the film’s director. “When churches and families face such loss—of property and relationships—it can turn attention to what really matters.”

The documentary is a gripping true-crime drama, in which communities are challenged, families brought to crisis, and ultimately, redemption sought.  The film is set to release in Los Angeles and a number of other cities, including several in Texas, on November 28. Be sure to watch the above trailer and find a screening near you at

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