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“It’s past time for American to hear this truth. By minimizing the challenge,” Jay Sekulow (American Center Law Justice) wrote in his September opinion piece on

The world is facing a serious threat in the Middle East with ISIS, a group of terrorists dedicated to mass executions, and by unleashing jihad on the world. This relentless campaign has controlled territories in the Middle East and is a threat to Israel. ISIS’s threat is not just against Israel, it threatens every democratic nation, including the US.

Sekulow believes America needs to stay on high alert and not pacify the enemy with empty words. And like Hamas, they need to be completely eradicated.

In a new book, Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore, Sekulow outlines a strategy with his “Law of War” team with insight on the terror organization’s background, war crimes, and the biggest threat since 9/11. The author, who has appeared at International Criminal Court at The Hague, explains the laws of war, and the reason the Israeli Defense Force and our military have limited power.

“President Obama makes it more likely that Americans will go along with the half-measures he’s proposed as a “strategy” to “degrade and destroy” ISIS.”

According to various reports ISIS could have as much as 40,000 members.

You can order Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore today.

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