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Some of my very favorite posts that I have written for this blog  over the years have been about “Friday Night Lights.”  And yet  I am not sure any of them encapsules how much I truly love this show.  But now as the final season is released on DVD this week – even as NBC belatedly airs the final season of  the series next week after it has already run on DirecTV – I have the chance to write one more time about one of the smartest, most powerful dramas of the past decade. I  dread saying good-bye to the folks from Dillon. As a parting  homage, I have decided to list my favorite, inspiring moments of faith as seen through the eyes of Eric, Tami, Julie and the rest of the gang.

After you’ve read my list – and clicked on the links to the videos- why don’t you share  your favorite moments? If you’re a fan, how has this show impacted you? I would love to commiserate with some fellow Panther fans about life after “FNL”.

In the pilot epiosde of the series, the fact that faith will naturally be woven into the show is clear  as Eric closes the episode with a beautiful prayer in the light of  tragedy.
Julie and Tami Discuss Church:
Another favorite moment of mone where faith and football mix is when Julie says she doesn’t want to go to church anymore.   Her logic is that it is filled with people who act “sweet and holy” but are really “b—-y and judgmental.” The wise Tami doesn’t miss a beat, explaining the world is filled with hypocrites so her daughter better have a better reason than that to not like church.
Eric Doesn’t Buy Tami the House:
 Eric and Tami Taylor are  the best representative of a lasting, faithful marriage, and the scene where Eric has to tell Tami they can’t afford the new fancy house she wants trulydemonstrates the depth of their love.
In a poignant mother-daughter moment,  Tami discusses with Julie why Julie’s choices about whether or not to have sex matter. It’s a powerful, but not preeachy,moment that shows the respectful treatment the show gave to issues of morality.
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