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As the first episode of American Idol season 10 came to a close, a shy but calmly confident 16 year old from the Bronx took the audition stage. He’s not your average 16 year old kid. He has a twin […]

Regis Philbin, 79, announced Tuesday on his show “Live with Regis and Kelly” thathe’s retiring by the end of the summer. “It’s been a long time,” Philbin said during taping yesterday to a shocked co-host and audience. “It’s been 28 […]

Mormon youth have a super-tight culture informed by their faith. So do evangelical Christians. Catholics not so much. And unless you are Orthodox, apparently being young and Jewish may leave you longing for something more from your tradition as far […]

Have you read about the Tiger Mother yet? Everyone else has–and is talking about her–so I suggest you get reading. The mother’s name is Amy Chua, she is a professor at Yale Law School, and where I first heard about […]

Here are a few of my favorite Globes moments.

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture Passionistas The President asks us to live up to a young girl’s vision of the nation, an Icelandic singer saves her country’s nature and a Harry Potter group fights real-life evils. President Obama […]

Elizabeth Hughes, 8, made her national anthem debut for the Tampa Bay Lightning’s, affiliate (AHL Norfolk Admirals) during a home game against the Connecticut Whale (Rangers) last Friday night. How it started was amazing. Hughes has a voice of an […]

Yes, you read that right. So yesterday I blogged about an article I found that discussed outsourcing the soul, and today, while reading the latest issue of New York Magazine I came across a big, splashy “best-of” yoga article, “Highly […]

Um, what? At least that was my reaction when I read this phrase in the recent, very tongue and cheek New York Times article, “Searching for the Soul to Cleanse It” by Ariel Kamner, about the weird rituals that city-dwellers […]

A confession: I have never seen a Muslim-directed movie before, which I think, according to at least Haroon Moghul over at Religious Dispatches and I’m sure a few others, makes me rather impoverished. In his recent article, “How to Meet […]