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I was completely ready to give up on you Oscar, especially after you hired Anne Hathaway and James Franco as co-hosts, but then this morning’s nominations came out and – surprise- I like most of the nominations.
“The King’s Speech” is clearly one of the best and most inspiring movies of the year and it makes me happy that it has the most nominations – even more than the dark thriller “Black Swan.” I will actually get to see dreamy Colin Firth finally win an Oscar!
I am equally enthused abour Melissa Leo’s nomination – and likely win- for her role as the mom in “The Fighter.” I loved her in “Frozen River” and she is the most underrated actress of her generation.
Two excellent documentaries – one of which you can rent on DVD now – are going to get some deserved attention thanks to their nominations. Both “Waste Land” and “”Exit Through the Gift Shop” are certainly on my top ten list for the year and are movies tackling social issues in a meaningful way.
Okay, I am definitely bummed Andrew Garfield didn’t get a nod for “The Social Network” and I think “The Kids are All Right” is completely overrated and by no means should be in the best picture race, but, unlike many, I am glad Christopher Nolan didn’t get a best director nod for his mess of a film called “Inception.”
If you want to see all of the nominations, read about them here, and then come back and start a discussion here about who you think the winners will be!

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