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I mentioned last week here on Idol Chatter that I have become a huge fan of the NBC show “The Sing Off” and in particular I took note of the group Committed Their impeccable harmonies and charisma have made the group the early favorite of both the judges and the fans. I am so crazy about their music that I have been scouring the internet to see what I could find out about them. It seems that the similarity to gospel accappella group Take Six is justified as Committed goes to the same college as Take 6 once did.The group is also Seventh Day Adventist and they weren’t sure if they could compete on the show because they refused to work on Saturday, which is their denomination’s Sabbath. (On a side note, last year’s winning group was also Seventh Day Adventist. What’s that about??)
“Our intentions are to use the opportunity as a ministry…We’re proud of our faith!” Geston Pierre, bass singer for Committed, told Andrews University where he has been a student.
You can watch them Monday on NBC or download their music – as well as the music of other competitors – over on iTunes where Committed’s music has already climbled into the Top 200.

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