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Oh how I love Dexter! More and more and more with every season. How is it that the writers of Dexter managed to make a serial killer not only so unbelievably likable, so much that you root for Dexter no matter what, but also so incredibly vulnerable too. There is something still so innocent about Dexter and I wish I could put my finger on why this is. Maybe it’s Michael C. Hall’s incredible acting–I don’t know that I’ve ever loved a character more than I love Dexter and certainly only a truly gifted actor like Hall could pull this off.
But warning to any budding Dexter fans or those of you who haven’t seen last night’s season finale yet–spoilers ahead.
Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about Dexter’s growing humanity over the course of season five and the strange quest he is on with Lumen (Julia Stiles) to avenge the horrors inflicted upon her. Could we call it a quest for redemption, albeit in twisted, Dexter fashion? Dexter is spinning with despair upon the brutal murder of his wife at the end of season four and, enter Lumen into his life, a broken angel of sorts, and suddenly he not only has a reason to live, but a new purpose and he has found that purpose in care for another human being.
In every season of Dexter he transforms a little, he becomes more human, he discovers he truly cares for others, and that he even has feelings, that he’s capable of brotherly and fatherly love. But this season seemed to be about Dexter experiencing love, true love for the first time, via someone who knows everything that he is, his “dark passenger” and still wants him, still loves him and passionately so. To see Dexter heartbroken when Lumen leaves, was heartbreaking indeed. Maybe she will come back.
Next step in the redemption journey of Dexter: his sister Deb will find out who her brother really is and what he does and she will not abandon him. She can’t. I couldn’t bear it.
Now I will go into Dexter mourning. The thought of waiting another year or more for season six is depressing.

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