Probably not, but when I caught up Director of Brand Marketing and Executive Producer, Ben Simon, he made their mission crystal clear. He called to promote their latest Family Movie Night film, “A Walk in My Shoes.”

A Walk In My Shoes – 2:33 TRLR from on Vimeo.

Walmart has partnered with Procter & Gamble to create their third family movie that will air on Friday, Dec. 3rd, at 8/7C on NBC. According to Mr. Simon, “We are just responding to what our customers are asking for.” Walmart and P & G have spent big money trying to understand their consumers and one of the things that universally comes up, is the lack of entertainment that the entire family can enjoy. Their target demo is evident, the main site for promotion is Moms4FamilyTV


Mr. Simon has no grand plans to release epic blockbusters in theaters, “TV is where we belong, it’s what makes the most sense for our customers.”Great, but how is the movie? If you are expecting an After School Special that is a veiled two hour commercial for shopping and product, you are in for a surprise. “A Walk in My Shoes” is a fantastic concept and a well executed movie. We too often judge one another based on very little interaction, but what is the back story? Maybe the lady who was rude to you at the drive-thru is dealing with the loss of a loved one. The kid who seems so rude at your son’s soccer practice might be suffering because of his parent’s divorce. The idea presented here is that you cannot possibly judge who someone really is until you take a walk in their shoes. The story is solid and Nancy Travis is terrific as always. This is not only an entertaining movie to watch with your entire family, there are big life lessons here. It’s the rare kind of movie that will challenge you then make you feel better after watching it. So if you really want more family entertainment, here’s a chance to vote with your remote.

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