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A few years ago, it was unthinkable to promote a mainstream movie to the faith crowd. That’s all changed and when you consider the subject matter, there may not be a more perfect crossover film than the latest installment in the Narnia series, “The Dawn Treader.”
Fox and Walden have gone so far as to set up a special website just for churches and faith leaders. They also just announced a “Narnia Night” campaign. To support it, they have posted a good deal of exclusive, high resolution content that they are encouraging churches and small groups to build an event around. The experience is totally customizable. One group may watch the last two movies and chase it with the free C.S. Lewis documentary that is made available. Faith filmmaking groups may focus more on the “making of” pieces that have been posted. Others may use the teaching materials to incorporate into a sermon.
It’s abundantly clear that Fox and Walden feel that the faith market is instrumental to the success of this film. We’ll know next weekend how they respond.
Check out more info about how your church can host a “Narnia Night”
Watch the trailer for “The Dawn Treader”

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