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Michael Vick
With Philadelphia on a winning streak at the hands of Michael VIck, the discussion about VIck’s criminal past and whether or not he is truly reformed has resurfaced with surprising intensity. It’s a fascinating dialogue that’s taking place with some sports enthusiasts gushing about Vick finally using his talent on the field to the fullest while other sports journalists worry we are forgetting the issues surrounding VIck’s sentence much too quickly.
I had mixed feelings initially about Vick returning to the NFL, but always felt some hope because Tony Dungy had committed to helping Vick. After watching Vick’s interview with Bob Costas on Sunday, I came away impressed with VIck’s words. He realizes that just doing a PSA for the American Humane Society or throwing money a at charity is not going to wipe the slate clean. He seems to realize restoring his character and his soul is going to be a long process.
While I don’t want to diminish VIck’s past actions and I don’t want to assume I know what Vick’s future will be, I think there is enormous potential to learn from Vick and Dungy. Long term mentoring as Dungy has done is often far more successful than throwing someone behind bars. So I am cheering Vick – and Dungy – on, not for what’s happening on the field, but what’s continuing to happen off the field.

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