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It’s really going to happen: a remake of Buffy is in the works and Joss Whedon is not a part of it! Oh the horror. How could they? Don’t they know that all of us cult Buffy fans are devotees of Joss, too? Don’t they know that what made Buffy AWESOME is the writer-producer who brought her to life? Just because vampires are hot now, doesn’t mean that someone should go and ruin a classic.
My rant is due to the following story from E!Online about this pop culture travesty:
“Warner Brothers is officially moving forward on a new feature film of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, having optioned the rights from the directors and production company of the original movie (starring Kristy Swanson). At this point, it’s not looking as though any of the TV cast or creative team will be involved in the project. And a young writer named Whit Anderson (who says she loved Buffy when she was the same age as the character) is set to write the script.”
How can this be? Who in the world is Whit Anderson? I am sure she is a very nice person but nobody is Joss Whedon. I would not want to shoulder her current burden, given the total devotion of Buffy fans.
My advice to those who have yet to see the wonder that is the seven-season tv series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” a la Joss: it’s a must. Don’t wait for the remake or the reboot or whatever. Go for the original campy, angsty story of girl meets vampire and have yourself a ball.

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