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“Glee” is finding faith this week when Finn sees Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich. This divine sighting gives cast members to sings such religiously themed songs as “Losing My Religion” and “What if God Was One of Us” and also begins a spiritual journey for Glee member Kurt. Kurt,who still struggles with his outsider status as a gay teen as well as being a Glee member, is forced to confront what he and those around him feel about what religion means to his identity.Producer Ryan Murphy has never been afraid to tackle tough topics on the show whether it is teen pregnancy or a special ed student being a part of the Cheerios and now it seems Murphy is using religion to tackle the subject of gay teens, bulying and tolerance. In fact, in a recent interview, Murphy claims this may be the most controversial episode ever.Here’s a not-so-controversial trailer for tonight’s episode, but all of you Gleeks be sure to check back here on Wednesday and tell me what you think. Does “Glee” get religion right?

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